About Us

Me (Murray Gerald Hughes)

Can you relate to this?

  • Have you come a long way from how you used to be?
  • And are you beginning to realize 'the journey of awakening' just may be what life is actually about?
 If yes, then you and I have a lot in common.
  • And do we also have in common, a time when life confused you?

Not because you were unintelligent, but because you struggled to understand why people are the way they are.

"How can someone that says they love you be so hurtful?"... have you ever had a thought like that one?

Me too.

For a long time I didn't understand life.

Was your childhood smooth or turbulent?

I don't like to dwell in the past but for the sake of providing a history so we can understand each other, I will a little.

My childhood had way more tears than any little boy should experience.

My father married twice and my mother 3 times. I witnessed 3 divorces in total.

I emerged from high school with a grade far below my potential, then failed 4 years of university.

The next couple years were spent watching movies in my lounge-room before getting drunk and stoned at night.

You ever reached a point in your life where you knew you couldn't go on the same?

By 23 I knew things had to change so I went back to high school but flunked again.

Then 2 years later I tried completing high school a 3rd time, passed, went to university and graduated with a degree at 30.

I applied 4 years in a row before I was accepted into that degree and then another 4 to complete it..

..yet after those 8 years I only worked in the career it provided for 6 months and then never again.


Because I was disappointed to discover, it didn't fill the hole I was expecting it would.

I had long dreamed I would feel complete once I had that degree and subsequent career... I was wrong.

Have you ever feel like this?..

Something was still missing, but what?

So I tried marriage, however, I was a dysfunctional man and I chose a dysfunctional woman.

She had an unmanaged anger pathology and I was so eager to please her I became her doormat enabler: toxic co-dependency

I walked away from the marriage after 13 years when I finally accepted I don't have the power to make another person happy..

..only they can choose their own happiness.

But I'm forever grateful to her for birthing our son & we're lifelong friends.

Poverty to wealth to...

During the years of my marriage, I became obsessed with business and eventually enjoyed considerable success.

Yet, the hole was still there, money didn't fill it.

Still empty, I lost interest in my business because I realized whatever it is I'm looking for, it wasn't there.

Eventually the industry suddenly shifted and my business became nonviable literally overnight, huge portion of my wealth was used to escape big contracts and pay out staff..

..the rest dwindled away through divorce and setting up a new life.

So I was living in poverty but as a single father in his 40s, not a care-free single man in his 20s.

'New life' but more of the same

I moved to a city where I knew no one, never meeting anyone because I worked from home and never going out because I was a fulltime parent of a 7 year old.

As you maybe expected, I had crippling social anxiety, crushed confidence and was timid at best.

Confused by a society that insists this..

In the following decade I started business after business, making enough money just to scratch by.

Yet each business had the same end.

That is, I saw it as a soul-less trade of my precious life for "money", which I'd already discovered, isn't what I yearn for.

I truly thought something is wrong with me because I had no desire to pursue money, yet society and everyone around me insisted this is the way of successful adulting

The seeds I accidentally planted began to sprout..

In the background, over a lot of these years I sought to cope with my many dysfunctions..

..through meditation, reading about wisdom and stints of writing.

And a common remark I would hear, is that I am a wise person.

"Thank you", I would reply

But internally I heard: "Wise?? I'm a mess!"..

..but even so, such remarks were consistent

This was the beginning of a self-recognition which profoundly impacted me.

The joy of your own awakening is also this realization:

The higher aspect of me wanted to imbue the idea, 'that I have wisdom worth sharing', into my self-definition.

And so I "serendipitously" re-united with some friends after a 10 year absence and we began a schedule of a boy's camping trip couple times a year..

..and from those trips, the other guys began remarking, that spending a few days with me literally had a transformative affect on their lives.

So they started inviting men they knew, whom I didn't, to come away and meet this Murray guy, speak to him about your issues and he'll help you.

And again, spending time with me had a positive transformative affect on their lives too.

How many people must recognize a gift in you before you allow yourself to accept its true?

My friends repeatedly insisted I have a gift of wise clarity which should be shared with a larger audience so I can help them..

..just as my friends felt they had been helped.

The voices became a choir and yet still with great resistance, I thought they are mistaken, flattering me, humoring me, patronising me.

I could not accept their implication, that I may be bigger than small.

Take a step forward, even if you're not sure its the right one

Eventually I began to accept that perhaps I do have a gift so I started a business to help men get into shape..

..because I wanted to help people.

  • But really it was just another way to deny my so-called gift because the relationship I had with my clients was limited to talking about diet and exercise.

Nothing particular meaningful, I'd simply just another way to hide.

But more importantly, I further increased my clarity about how I want to contribute.

I realized simply helping people isn't the bullseye for me, I knew I wanted to help in a way which is aligned with my gift and the passion it elicits

The blessing of COVID-19

My biz fell off a cliff when COVID hit.

I was doing my regular prospect-generating posts on social media but with no effect.... no one was buying

"So what's the point?" I thought.

"Why not write whatever it is I have to say?"

So I began writing about love, awakening, unity, ascension, multiverse, higher-self, secrets of happiness..

..and on and on..

..and this happened:

For the first time in my life, I accepted myself

People began commenting on my posts in these ways:

  • "Wow"
  • "Profound"
  • "Amazing"
  • "I'm so impressed"
  • "You're a star child"
  • "You're a modern shaman"
  • "You blew my mind"
  • "HOLY CRAP!"
  • "Boom!"
  • "So interesting every time"
  • "Wise words"
  • etc

And people contacted me privately to say:

  • I had changed their lives
  • My words made them cry
  • They have found new peace from the understanding I have given them
  • They are going to build a shrine to my wisdom in their loungeroom (jokingly)
  • They read a particular piece I wrote everyday because it gives them strength
  • They now lives their lives in a different way
  • They wanted me to know the message of my writing is so important to them

So for the first time in my life, I allowed myself to accept the truth - I DO INDEED, HAVE A GIFT OF WISE CLARITY

The beautiful synchronicity when passion meets mission

Writing about these topics became my new joy.

Deeper and deeper I wanted explore meaning of life and my passion became clear to me.

I have discovered my passion is:

To self-realize, to awaken, to become enlightened

And I have discovered my mission is:

To help you also to self-realize, to awaken, to become enlightened

So essentially:

My mission is to share my passion with you

A beautiful circle, the alignment of passion with mission

And the final piece of this synchronicity is this:

To turn my mission of..

..helping you on your journey to awakening by sharing the wisdom I discover through my passionate dedication to my own awakening..

..into a means of supporting myself

Where I'm at right now is..

To be honest, at the moment I'm not even sure how I'm going to make it happen..

..but I 100% believe it's possible


  • I will trust the path of my highest excitement
  • I will continue my daily practice of awakening
  • I will continue to share the wisdom I discover
  • I will believe my dream is possible
  • I will love it ALL... God, me, the process, the moment and you

Thank you,

I care less how I look to other people nowadays & instead care more about appreciating the joy of every moment & understanding its gift of expansion

Let's master ourselves & our lives, TOGETHER
So trust the synchronicity that brought you here & join us now