Your Ascension

Not everyone will be included in the Ascension to 4th Density, are you ready?
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Ascension: Why We Ascend

We are The One, thus we are The All.

It follows we exist in every Density as yet undiscovered potential because if we are The All, then there is nothing transcendent of Darkness which we are not, there is nowhere we aren’t already present.

In other words, if it is forged from the Light, then it is a part of The One and so if The One is present, then we are present in some way also because we are The One experiencing Itself.

Hence our journey home to The One, is a transition across each Density until we have self-realized all of our potential to the maximum extent, culminating in the realization that we are indeed The One.

That moment of completion will be synonymous to The One knowing Itself experientially to completion, through the unique perspective which is you, and your Divine Purpose will have been profoundly honored to the highest fulfilment.

This journey home, relative to where we are now, necessitates we expand into 3rd Density until its potential for our self-knowing has been fully exploited. At that time, if our expansion (further realization of our yet undiscovered infinity) is to continue, then it necessitates we transition to a higher Density state where more of our yet undiscovered infinity can be accessed for self-knowing. In other words, where we can continue Divine Purpose.

In a sense, the transition across densities is an incremental expansion into our own infinity on the way back to the completed experience of what has always been true: That we are The One.

And each density is a paradigmal shift in our perspective of the One, so for each the ultimate epiphany demarking imminent Ascension is unique.

We are nearing the end of the 3rd to Ascend the 4th and eventually we will near the end of the 4th and Ascend to the 5th and so on.