Ready to Awaken?
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On the journey to ‘Know Thyself’, we will (arguably must) experience three pivotal Awakenings before our transition through 3rd Density is complete.

  1. Identity Awakening
  2. Reality Awakening
  3. Spiritual Awakening

In an expanded context, they are facets of the same phenomenon (to know thyself) and there is cross-over between them but for ease of explanation, this one phenomenon has been divided into these three types of Awakening.

These Awakenings are vitally important to your Ascension because without them your readiness to Ascend is likely inadequate.

It is of course possible to be in a state of readiness without them, however unlikely because the Earth human experience has been deliberately contaminated with the direct intent to prevent your readiness.

The forces that seek dominion over the Earth and its apex species know they can succeed only if humanity remains asleep, so they have created a faux-reality saturated with misconception to steer you away from your destiny.

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