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Courses for Awakening as the Higher-Self
& preparing for inclusion in the Ascension

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Muzz iEvolv's "How to Channel" Starter Course (with weekly live-video group meetings)

UPDATE: This course has been completed & is available for purchase:

VIP PRICE (1st class only): US$497

 If you're ready to begin experimenting with channeling but still channeled less than 50 times in the past 2 years than this is perfect for you

I've personally channeled about 500 hours and counting. When I began, the first entity that made himself known to me was a channel-training specialist. He taught me a 4 step protocol which I still use every time today.

You'll discover that protocol and much more which will make you a profoundly better channeler than you are today. You'll do it with more ease, confidence and enjoyment than you ever have before

iEvolv "The 3 Awakenings That Save Humanity" Book Companion Video Course

UPDATE: This course has been completed & is available for purchase.


DISCOUNT TIP: Everyone that orders a paperback or digital version of The 3 Awakenings That Save Humanity, gets access to a special offer for this course: US$67 (about 1/3 of usual price)

Link to The 3 Awakenings That Save Humanity book order page is here: 

Explained in this course is the 3-step Awakening process every human on Earth must go through before they are ready for Ascension. Many of us won't Awaken in time and will subsequently be excluded because of incompatible energy dynamics.

To be compatible it's essential your identity concept, your spirituality concept and your reality concept are accurate. Without this clarification, your vibration is stifled because its not possible to be harmonic with higher frequencies when your vibration is made discordant by misconception. And a discordant vibration is a low vibration, which places you below the threshold for Ascension - in other words, incompatible with Ascension.

In this 28-video series (which is instantly watchable) you discover a very detailed understanding of how it all works, what it all means and what exactly what to do.

iEvolv Extra-Dimensional Expansion Course

Activate your supernatural abilities like remote viewing, channeling, clairvoyance and more.

You're the extra-dimensional Higher-Self having a temporary physical experience. The more you can be the Higher-Self in the physical experience, then the greater you can fully utilize the human biotech and unlock your latent abilities.

This course teaches you how to incrementally expand into Higher-Self awareness with simple understandings and exercises.

iEvolv Meditation Course

Meditation is a key practice if you're passionate about Awakening and preparing for Ascension.

In this course discover the meditation technique I have developed over 25 years after many thousands of meditation sessions all over the world.

See how to accomplish a lot in your spiritual practice with less time.

iEvolv Eternal Happiness Course

Happiness is your birthright and if you're not experience profound happiness in every waking moment then you misunderstand who you are.  Don't feel bad because almost every human on Earth is in the same boat, just like I was too.

Perhaps the greatest blessing I've received from the wisdom shared by my guides is the understanding and ability to be in a perpetual state of happiness, regardless of what's happening in my outer-world. In this course you discover how to live a life of peace, gratitude, happiness, joy and Love in every moment for the rest of your life - there is no greater treasure than this

iEvolv Confidence & Authenticy Course

A common solution espoused for confidence is "just be yourself". While there's wisdom in this statement, how can it be done when you don't know who you are?

In this course you discover a a life changing understanding about who you are and self-mastery techniques that literally fill every moment with your authentic presence - Higher-Self presence.

After this course you'll feel confident and at ease in every moment, regardless of who shares it with you. Further, you'll develop a magnetic presence which draws people to you because of the unique and authentic energy you exude.

Prepare to have your life changed!