iEvolv Channeling 3 – How to channel

How is channeling actually done? What internal state is required? How do I make a connection? When a connection is made what are the actual dynamics of my relationship with the source of the information?

Discover the answers and more in this channel.



  1. Eva Flood

    Muzz, dear Brother, I absolutely LOVE the way you and your guides explain and claryfy and simplify the processes and mechanisms of true life and true communication. In this video as well as in others and in your book.
    Thank you for an excellent lesson on the topic of channeling! I feel something important opening within me 🙂 A soft yet powerful expansion! I’ve been channeling for a couple of years and it is a beautiful process – like a rose showing new petals every day. Thank you for being a part of this blossoming! Much love! See you!

    • themuzman

      That’s wonderful Eva, you’re very welcome. I’ll be releasing a How to Channel Course this year which you may also enjoy. Thank you for your kind words and have a wonderful journey through your spiritual evolution

  2. Eva Flood

    Many thanks Muzz! I wish you well with your courses! Your bright energy will reach many brothers and sisters! I feel inspired by your playfulness and seriousity! Love!


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