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Wisdom article sample:


When does an experience begin?

& when does that same experience end?

Think about it

Its completely arbitrary, right?

100% your subjective opinion

Now let's couple that perspective with this:

"Every moment is the perfect moment for yet greater expansion of Self"

That's a Divine Truth

In a practical sense, EVERY experience contains the potential for personal-growth

Eg. If mother dies of a prolonged illness & you arbitrarily decide the experience ends at the moment of her passing,

..then the experience is forever imprinted on you as a meaningless, painful tragedy


If you apply the philosophy that every experience is ongoing until you become aware of how its grown you,

..then from the opportunity created thru that perspective, may discover after grief passes, the experience yields expanded wisdom on the importance of demonstrably expressing love for your children

Now your life will be forever richer & you'll be forever grateful mother left you with that loving gift


Then you're a connoisseur of life's intricate flavors, masterfully appreciating experiences, savor their full richness

Dance video sample:

Channeling video sample:

Channel topic - How to be more creative

Advice from Murray to member questions:

Question 1:

I really need my wife to caress me and be thankful and appreciative to have me around. Positive influences around me empower me to believe I'll overcome whatever problems I have or at least limit their impact on my life. What do you think? Love you brother

Answer 1:

Its nice to have the love and caress of your wife but you don't actually need it because you are a complete being.

Your need creates the potential for experiencing lack….if she doesn't give it then you will experience diminishment which is a false reality because an infinite being cannot be diminished

You are complete unto yourself and everything you receive is not the fulfillment of a need but instead, a blessing

And since you are an infinite being, why hold a desire for less than full resolution of your problems?

Within infinity are all possible outcomes, so to compromising on your desires is erroneous

Choose the outcome you want, not resign yourself to something smaller because you still haven't realised your infinity

This mindset isn't denying reality, it's instead: shaping reality

Fear of appearing foolish if your high hopes never eventuate is a pointless fear for a limitless being.

There is only perfection, so no matter what happens perfection prevails because there is nothing else. Perfection is the inherent state of existence. So feel free to desire big and yet accept unconditionally the reality you receive…

Accept “it is what it is” because “what it is” is the perfect condition for you to further awaken to the realization you’re an infinite, eternal individuation of the One, having a temporary physical experience in the playground of 3D reality…

..because ultimately, that is the purpose of your existence

Question 2:

My employer has 140 cats in her house, which she’s rescued off the streets and my job is to assist her to take care of them.

Every week she brings home more cats, so my job becomes more demanding and her expectations on me grow.

Some days I don't even sleep because getting everything done requires me to work through the night

I work so hard but she is never satisfied and always picking at everything I do.

Why is she like that?

Answer 2:

The same reason she has to rescue every cat….. she’s unable to accept things as they are, which manifests as emotional discomfort.

The discomfort becomes unbearable, so she tries to minimize it by compulsively controlling what she perceives as the causes.

Do you agree it's not normal to live in a house with 140 cats, which takes so much time and energy you don't have a life outside of that?

She lives in these conditions because rescuing every cat is her strategy for making the unpleasant feelings go away. Controlling everything you do is for the same reason

What she doesn't seem to understand is that her anxiety is not because there are still unrescued cats, nor is it because you're not being perfect..

..instead her anxiety is because of her inability to deal with her own emotionality.

So that means it doesn't matter how many cats are rescued and it doesn't matter how perfect you are, because her anxiety will never be alleviated those ways.. will only become less if she learns how to manage her own emotions

So what this means to you is that you could be the most perfect of perfect and she will most likely still find fault with you because it has nothing to do with how perfect you are and everything to do with her own dysfunction, her own inability to manage her emotions

So do your work to a level, which is reflective of integrity and honor to duty but I recommend you don’t allow yourself to be overworked and abused because of her personal issues with self-management.

(My answer may seem I’m making some reckless assumptions, however, this is a snippet of a much larger conversation

Question 3:

I’m still waiting for the full diagnosis but the doctor says its not the aggressive type of cancer they first speculated.

While I was sitting in the waiting room I was getting pissed off with people on Facebook about their stupid political views.

Made me think about what you were saying in regard to the relationship between my illness and my attitude.

Answer 3:

Awesome… things continue to improve

Yes, stay chill… the era of angsty Dave is over….

This condition you have is the blessing to let you know the time to transform is overdue

Stay in peace by allowing the world to be what it wants to be….accept it is what it is

Be motivated in what you do by wise and loving strategy, not vengeance

You may disagree with the world from time to time, but regardless, dont be moved from your peace

The powerful man is always in his peace

But the less powerful man is pulled into angst and annoyance by the world he cannot accept

(this may seem brief but again its a snippet from a much larger conversation & this is a re-affirmation)