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PS. More testimonials and 'private session' recordings below the form (shared with permission)

"Hi Muzz, listened again this morning and gained much more insight with less emotion.

Goodness, so clear to me now.

This was a long and comprehensive session. I agree with all of it and so appreciate the time you took to make the messages so clear and easy to understand.

If you feel this session would be of importance to others, yes, please share. I have learned a lot listening to these types of sessions and am always grateful to those willing to share.

Thank you Muzz for what you do - you are a treasure!!! 💜."

L, New Hampshire, USA

Shared with kind permission from L... thank you L smile

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“When I first watched Muzz channel, I was amazed by the detail and specificity of his channeled messages, and I saw a gifted individual who could access the information I needed to better understand some mysterious experiences I’ve had since youth.  

Through his highly attuned connection to his guides, Muzz provided detailed insight into my experiences and answered questions I had long pondered (and some I hadn’t even asked!).  

There are many professional channels these days, but few of Muzz’s caliber.  I highly recommend a private iEvolv Channeling with him to anyone seeking insight into life’s many mysteries or guidance for navigating challenges on one’s path.” 

Pam, Pennsylvania, USA

[Pam graciously given permission to share her session below]

"I could not believe my luck in finding you on YouTube. I resonate so much with your spiritually advanced channelings on the frontiers of human ascension which was what compelled me to book in a private session and I was not disappointed.

Your reading even lifted me energetically and helped restore clarity to my life without my doing anything.

I frequently revisit the recording rich in nuggets of information helping me to break through old energy cycles holding me back and I have already made progress.

I have had many readings in my life and you and your guides are by far the best for delivering relevant and detailed information with clarity, that I really needed to hear for my development and ascension.

Priceless, what more could I ask for. Thank you and your guides."

Trace, Perth, Australia

[Pam graciously given permission to share her session below]

“I watched the channeling again, and made lots of notes.

I also had a long talk with [friend who was a topic in the channeling] yesterday about this stuff and we both got a lot of affirmations, things felt so positive and uplifting. I’m mentioning these as validation of your abilities as a channel.

I am elated that you and your guides are so helpful towards me.

The channeling I received was coherent to my current level of spiritual awareness and all the content resonated perfectly with my life. I have no doubts about my higher-self being the one giving me the answers I was looking for.

I have felt more inspired in all aspects of my life ever since I got the answers and I keep getting more affirmations every day. It was pleasant, loving experience with helpful and friendly channeler.”

Sami, Finland

"Yes! I just watched it!! It was great thanks ^^

I think I related to everything, and yes it was just very interesting!

I just wanted to say thanks for the channeling and it was all very good imo!

I felt understood and you seemed to catch on my rather strange stuff, and my romantic side and all.

I felt understood!! not used to that haha 😎

V, Norway

Shared with kind permission from Pam... thank you Pam smile

Shared with kind permission from V... thank you V cool