You are not your mind

You are a consciousness, which is real-time streaming from a remote location

That is, you ARE what we erroneously call higher-self

Erroneous b/c it implies an identity which is in a practical sense, mysterious & separate from us

But actually, you ARE higher-self in a very real sense..

..yet, this distinction is shrouded by identifying with mind

You see, the body is a flesh-conduit making possible for higher-self to have a physical experience

Intrinsic to the flesh-conduit (body) is a sophisticated AI (mind) which integrates with higher-self, so you can interface with this 3D reality

The body-mind apparatus is so incredibly designed, that higher-self's integration into the unit is seamless..

..& we lose clarity of our true identity & it mistakenly becomes a composite of higher-self, mind & body

But the body & its intrinsic AI (mind) are temporary..

..when it dies, remotely stored higher-self continues b/c:

The higher-self is what's ACTUALLY YOU, not body-mind

If you were born already in the Ironman suit & Jarvis the AI incessantly spoke to you in strictly first person your entire life,

..is there a chance you'd acquiesce to the voice & mistakenly adopt it as your identity?


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