iEvolv Channeling 100 – How to use the current Darkness for your own Awakening

Its early August 2021 and things are getting nuts with increasing regulation, stripping of liberties and the feeling we're being frog-marched to a place of humanitarian disaster under the false guise of salvation from a disease, which we know to actually be an impotent threat.

But how can this experience be used in a positive way?

In this channel I didn't ask a question because instead my guides had a message they wish to share with all of us for hope and wisely using this experience to fulfil our Divine Purpose.



  1. Eva Flood

    A truly claryfying and encouraging message on how to greet the darkness! I love the way the mechanisms of it all are explained, strenghtening in me the reasons for staying bright!
    Much love and gratitude to you Muzz and to your guides. I am a dedicated student of A Course In Miracles and your channelings and your writings give me a vibrant and strenghtening roadmap of where I am and where I am going. Blessings brothers!
    Eva, Sweden

    • themuzman

      You leave the nicest comments Eva, I’m very glad my work is helping you clarify your understanding of yourself and how it all fits together


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