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The common new-age belief is:

Pursuing your passion is the gateway to transformation.

While that is true, it's important to recognize there's an unspoken nuance here..


You see..

..if you pursue passion from the perspective of a finite physical being having a physical experience, you'll hesitate TO-GO-ALL-IN..

..because you'll rationalize your likelihood for physical survival, which will pull you back from total commitment..

..and instead you'll do 'lite' versions of pursuing passion.

So instead:

Realize YOU ARE the immortal higher-self..

..that's real-time streaming into the mind-body apparatus to integrate into the playground of 3D reality..

..for the purpose of becoming more of who you actually are, while in the physical experience.

That is, to literally express your Divine Infinity in the physical realm!

And from that perspective..

..fear is replaced by eager courage & total delight at the prospect of the exciting journey which lay ahead.

And now pursuing your passion, is the only thing that makes sense!

That's the Golden-Thread which weaves together a portal..

..thru which you can transform more rapidly than ever before.

I've made that profound shift and willing to sign-post the way with this FREE course (below), so you can..

..make a similar journey, yet in a way which resonates with your own uniqueness.

So I've created a 7-day mini-course which I'd like to give you 100% FREE

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