This is How You & I Can Help Each Other


Hi it's Muzz.

You & I know this about each other:

  • I know you're interested in spiritual growth
  • You know I want to channel on the topic of spiritual growth

That's why we have such great synergy!



If You're Willing to Stay on This Journey of Growth, Then I'm Willing to Freely Share My Channelings With You, Forever

I even packed up a suitcase of belongings, with my son and our old dog and left our life in Australia.. move to the backwaters of a developing country on the other side of the planet (literally)

That's why I'm typing you this letter from my apartment in a little town in Colombia.

It's all been done in pursuit of this dream:

  • To serve you and others as a full-time channeler


Why Take Such Drastic Steps?

2 reasons:

  1. Because our community was still a little too small to sustain my small family with the revenue I was generating as a channeler
  2. And I'm all-in on this dream

But this is where it gets tricky..


Have You Ever Asked Someone For a Donation.... to You Personally?

The move has worked out well but I still rely on donations to make ends meet

Yet to be honest, I'm not comfortable asking for gifts of money

Have you ever done it? 

I don't like doing it but unfortunately I'd be foolish not to ask because..

..I really do need your help.


But Then Someone Made This Suggestion..

Someone from our community made a great suggestion:

Why don't I transcribe my channelings and offer them as a downloadable product?


And hence this membership was born.

Now you can donate to me and in return I'll give you something of value!

Below are the 3 membership levels and what's in them:






But first, here's a little about what you get:

As a member you receive:

the PDF transcript of each new Muzz iEvolv channeling, which is up to 4 times a month.

Plus in the higher membership levels, you also receive the mp3 and video versions, which you can download to your own collection and listen or watch offline... when you're walking or driving or out of signal range.

All 150+ channelings have been transcribed and placed into this membership.