Keep reading to discover the 3-Step Process MG used to RAPIDLY TRANSFORM thru Awakening:

(MG’s short story will give you hope because the 3 take-aways on this page have profound transformative power..

..especially if you’ve struggled in the past with living in the ‘real’ world because you felt like you didn’t quite fit in)

Have you ever known people that struggle to find fulfillment in the so-called 'real' world?

(Are you one of them?)

MG stands-out among the people I've known, as someone who's worked very hard but rarely escaped poverty.

They sincerely and with intense focus pursued multiple careers but inevitably upon arriving at a place of 'competency'..

..experienced a sense of disappointment and futility because fulfillment wasn't found... and so they soon quit.

You see, MG was consistently searching for “Fulfillment” on the same path, which the ‘real’ world tells all of us to follow..

And what is that?

That the center-of-gravity for a fulfilled life is success, money and accumulation of material wealth..

..but despite trying over and over, MG simply was unable to find fulfillment in..

..sacrificing valuable life for a meaningless pursuit of more money than needed

(Have you also struggled to find meaningful fulfillment in the 9-to-5 'real' world?)

So for most of life, MG thought:

"The world has it right and I'm just a broken human being"..

That is until, reaching a point in life where MG realized:

"Hang on.. I'm not the broken one, the model is!"

(Did you used to wonder if you're broken too?)

You see MG reached an age where they knew of..

..many people from their past who cast themselves in the real-world mold, which included:

  • Work more & see their family less because supposedly more money = more fulfillment

  • Lease a car nicer than they could afford to buy because supposedly nicer car = more fulfillment

  • Go further into debt for a bigger house because supposedly bigger house = more fulfillment

  • etc

..and yet SO many of them were miserable.. fact, many looked at MG's life of "freedom in poverty" with envy because they realized that society had lured them into a false promise..

..and now they were stuck living a life they despised, but couldn't escape.

(45 years of going where you don't want to go, to spend 8+ hours doing what you don't want to do --> is madness)

So MG also realized, there must be a more awakened path to fulfillment, but what?

That question lead MG to seek out wise mentors in books, videos & audios.

(Who are you mentors?)

And eventually MG made this life-changing discovery:

Life isn't about the accumulation of material wealth in the hope it's experienced as the fulfillment you yearn for..

..but instead, fulfillment is found internally

So the path to follow is one that leads inwards:
  • To Seek Understanding of Self / To Know Thyself
Step 1 for Transforming Thru Awakening:

Realize that fulfillment isn't the result of the outer circumstances of your physical experience..

..but is instead an internal choice experienced in your non-physical

(You've already begun this realization process too, right?)

So MG began a new phase of their life, walking their own path, regardless of how it compared to the 'real world'

MG started their own businesses and worked for themselves.

Their choice of:

  • business type & projects

  • hours, breaks & vacations

  • personal commitment level

MG even lived overseas where it was cheaper, learned foreign languages, new cultures etc

For the first time ever, MG's had a sense of fulfillment about the way they were spending the moments of their life..

..because there was no more obsession with career and material success.

(Have you begun to change your life yet, to be more in harmony with your inner-world?)

Yet despite this, it still took many years for MG to..

..transform in a comprehensive way because..

..even though MG was aware of the concept of:

"Become More of Who You Actually ARE"..

..they still perceived themselves mostly as a physical being having a physical experience..

..which is to say MG was still very identified with mind-&-body.

So MG did "lite" versions of awakened living.

And at the end of the day, was still in these businesses mostly to:

  • put food on the table
  • and pay bills

(MG knew it was possible to be more aligned with passion, but was reluctant to go-all-in because the overriding anxiety was: "How will I survive?"..

..sound familiar?)

However, before you become disillusioned at how slowly MG transformed, this may excite you:

MOST of MG's transformation happened in just the past 12 months..

..when they finally understood one key element

And whether you understand that key element is best highlighted by your answer to this question:


If your answer is anything like this:

- I'm a 50-yr old father called Murray

Then you're still immersed in the 3D illusion..

..and identifying as a mind-&-body

But you are NOT the mind-&-body, you are instead..

..the essence which was present before your first thought & before your first physical sensation.

That is to say.. are the being that existed before this lifetime began..

..and will continue to exist when this lifetime is completed.

Step 2 for Transforming Thru Awakening:

Redefine Self as a non-physical being having a physical experience.

Realize you are in fact the immortal higher-self, channeling thru the mind-body apparatus so that You can integrate into 3D-reality..

..and have a temporary physical experience.

While that new self-definition is a key which unlocks infinite potential..'s still incomplete without the final step in the trinity of realizations, leading to rapid transformation thru Awakening.

More on the final step in a moment, but first let's see how it played out in MG's journey.

So MG decided to do something daring, which others thought crazy..

..however, it didn't seem crazy to MG, because MG had begun to make the paradigm shift of Step 3, which I'll explain shortly.

So rather than continue the daily process of posting in social media everyday about health and fitness..

..instead, MG started writing about these topics:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Manifestation
  • Infinity
  • Consciousness
  • Unity
  • Death
  • Self-realization
  • Ascension
  • Mastery
  • Higher-self
  • and so on

(Have you ever risked everything to follow your passion?)

And this was the response from MG's market..

When MG began talking about "Love and The Creator" instead of "abs & protein shakes"..

..sales fell off a cliff.


Yet despite the rejection, MG had finally began self-perceiving as the infinite non-physical higher-self..

..and this paradigm shift allowed MG to comprehensively redefine what's important in life.

In fact, MG found writing about their passion to be so much more joyful and rewarding than simply chasing money..

..that they realized (much to their surprise) they didn't care that the audience they'd built, didn't resonate with the new message.

And for the first time in MG's life, there was a strong feeling of freedom and excitement in their vocation.
Step 3 for Transforming Thru Awakening:

Putting Step 2 into action.

Possessing the intellectual understanding you're the higher-self, is VERY DIFFERENT from living it.

So begin living life like YOU ARE the higher-self having a physical experience.

That is, make choices and go in directions which make sense from the higher-self perspective.

Essentially begin the process of transitioning from the self-concept of a finite physical being, to that of an infinite non-physical being.

This pulls you out of immersion in the 3D illusion and grants access to a higher realm of wisdom and understanding

There's a VERY IMPORTANT distinction regarding how passion relates to higher-self perspective, which I'll explain soon

- make sure to read it or you could add years to your journey (like MG did)

So by embracing that 3rd step of transformation..

..MG was unafraid to write and write, day-after-day, for weeks and then months..

..not caring at all anymore, that they weren't getting clients because from the higher-self perspective:

Its crystal clear that living your passion is incalculably more valuable than the meaningless pursuit of money.

Then the power, which is invariably unleashed when a human immerses in their passion..

..began making ripples-in-reality

NEW people, outside of MG's regular audience, began commenting on MG's daily posts in these ways:

  • “Wow”
  • “Profound”
  • “Amazing”
  • “I’m so impressed”
  • “You’re a star child”
  • “You’re a modern shaman”
  • “You blew my mind”
  • “HOLY CRAP!”
  • “Boom!”
  • “So thought provoking”
  • “Wise words”
  • "Special person"
  • "An enlightened mind"
  • etc

And now today MG's world has completely changed in powerful ways:

  • MG completely trusts their own intuitive wisdom

  • Painful memories from childhood now have a different meaning

  • Feelings of resentment against adults from childhood have completely evaporated

  • In every social situation MG is filled with a genuine, peaceful, loving confidence

  • MG feels equal to EVERYONE

  • Self-doubt of any kind is fading fast

  • MG can spontaneously flow in every moment

  • MG is more charismatic, more humorous, more engaging

  • And MG has much deeper insight

(Anything on that list you'd like to experience in your own life?)

In a nutshell:


More wise

More brilliant

More joyful

More hopeful

More excited

More spontaneous

More confident

More charismatic

More attractive

Better dancer (yes really, lol)


And if you haven't guessed by now, MG is me:

Murray G Hughes

I finally "get it" and my love overflows.. so now with great joy I share my understandings with you, if you wish to receive them


The VERY IMPORTANT distinction regarding how passion relates to higher-self perspective (MUST READ):

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