There is only One & from the One everything arises

So we're all the One, experiencing Itself from different perspectives

Can you see if there is One, disagreement is impossible b/c disagreement necessitates more than One?

So from the perspective of the One, there is no disagreement, ONLY HARMONY

Yet we cannot deny, disagreement is encountered

So how do we reconcile the apparent existence of disagreement, 

with the universality of the One's perpetual state of harmony?

Clearly its by agreement, we disagree

If we are One & One is harmony, then can our disagreement be anything other than agreement?

An agreement to play the role of your unique perspective of the One

An agreement to generate experience which includes disagreement, so that all permutations of experience can be experienced by the One

& thru this process across all consciousness, the One fulfills Its purpose:


If there's acknowledgement we've agreed to disagree, does it become easier to accept/manage?

& easier to have love even for those that disagree with us most viciously?

Our disagreement is the role we play in the perfect harmony of the divine purpose

& our agreement it is so, is the beginning of the end of disagreement

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